Skin Treatments

Chemical Peels

KMK Aesthetics offers a wide range of medical grade chemical peels. The acidic nature of the peels are designed to facilitate the transfer of nutrients into the skin by removing the superficial layers of dead skin cells allowing penetration into the deeper layers. This allows your skin to soak up all vitamins and minerals in the peel most effectively and helps your skin rejuvenate and become more healthy.

Skin Needling

Skin needling allows collagen to be stimulated to help the cell turn over in your skin. The penetration with the needles causes localised inflammation to aid your skin in renewing at a faster rate. Essentially this level of stimulation can help give you that youthful glow.


Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that removes the top layers of your skin. The procedure aims to remove fine wrinkles and deep acne scarring, as well as make the skin’s surface look smooth. This is usually done by a cosmetic Doctor or nurse using a scalpel.


Mesotherapy is the process by which nutrients in plant extracts, vitamins, hormones and other products can be introduced into your skin with injections. This can be done alongside needling while the skin is still open to allow the products to infuse or it can be done with a stamp which allows the product to infiltrate the skin with the needle puncture.

LED Light Therapy

In recent years the use of different levels of light have been shown to help stimulate your skin cells and increase blood flow. We can use different colours for different indications including scarring, acne to help kill acne bacteria and to improve pigmentation in your skin.

Skin Care Regime

We all have different skin types so what works for you may not work for someone else. In order to make sure you are buying the correct products for your skin type to maximise your skin vitality we suggest a face mapping consultation. We will carefully design your skincare routine by recommending products for you.

Please note that all of the above can be done in conjunction as part of your bespoke treatment plan or as single treatments. For the most effective results usually a course of treatment will be recommended after your initial consultation.

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Professional Skincare with Prebiotics and Probiotics

Meder Beauty Science provide professional skincare created by dermatologist Dr. Tiina Meder to treat redness, sensitivity, dry skin, acne, expression lines, face puffiness and age-related skin changes throughout Australia and New Zealand. Prebiotics, probiotics, biotechnological peptides, epigenetic ingredients, and organic plant extracts combined with dermatological expertise deliver visible results even for severe skin problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do they work?

Specific techniques for skin renewal ensures a treatment program to specifically meet your individual needs and manage your skin concerns effectively. Our medical grade skin treatments are only available in Dermatologist and Cosmetic Medical clinics.

What results can I expect?

Recovery time can vary depending on the procedure. Skin looks and feels normal within a few hours to a day. Where a deeper treatment has been recommended your skin may have some redness for a few days, a week or more. We can also recommend products that you can use on the skin to relieve and normalise the skin as quick as possible. You should consult your skincare professional regarding your recovery time.

How many treatments will I need?

A personal plan will be discussed in your consultation.